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What is 'Bet Behind' on the 'Live Blackjack Table'?

'Bet Behind' allows a virtually limitless number of Live Blackjack Players to 'Bet Behind' the main 7 players seated at each 'Live Blackjack Table. This adds massive multi-player opportunity and allows 'Live Blackjack Players' to enjoy the game without even taking a seat at a 'Live Blackjack Table'.

'Live Blackjack Players' can 'Bet Behind' while they wait for one of the 7 main seats. Alternatively, a 'Live Blackjack Player' in one of the main seats can choose to 'Bet Behind' any other seat. Or a 'Player' may just want to 'Bet Behind' a player instead of playing any cards at all. 'Bet Behind provides 'Live Blackjack Players' a great deal of flexibility and offers a new dynamic to the game.

Hot 'Blackjack Players' who are winning a high percentage of hands are often highlighted with a gold medal or similar symbols to identify this attribute, normally next to their username/screenname.

The 'Icons' change depending on who 'Online Casino' you use to play 'Live Blackjack' so it is important to become familiar with such icons and what they represent as they can enhance your 'Bet Behind' profits and experience.

All seated and waiting players can see these scores and decide which 'Hot Live Blackjack Players' to 'Bet Behind' to try to increase their own chances of winning.

Whatsmore, low stakes for the 'Bet Behind' option can offer new players a way to sample the thrill and excitement of 'Live Blackjack' and enhance their understanding of the game of Blackjack.

'Bet Behind' is also unlimited, so a waiting player can bet behind all 7 players in the main seats if they wish, and a main player can bet behind all other seated players. This level of flexibility truly brings maximum excitement to the game of 'Live Blackjack'.

Those players waiting who choose to 'Bet Behind', the option to place a main bet (‘Sit Here’) will still be available when one of the main 7 seats becomes free. The 'Bet Behind' facility has become very popular for new 'Live Blackjack Players' and those who want to attach themselves to the luck of others.

Bet Behind New Live Blackjack Player Game Features Learn Live Blackjack
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What is 'Blackjack Party'?

'Live Blackjack Party' A low-stakes, massive multiple 'Party Themed' variant of 'Live Blackjack', which is dependent on the 'Bet Behind' facility to create the unlimited participants. Often 'Live Blackjack Party' has music and 'Player Chat' and game guidance dealer, presenters and hostess, the focus is definitely on fun for the a large number of players using the 'Bet Behind' feature on the 'Live Blackjack Table'.

'Blackjack Party' offers rich betting features for the core 7 players at the Live Blackjack Table' include 21+3 and Perfect Pairs Side Bets, Insurance, Doubling Down, Splitting Pairs, and Pre-Decision.

An ulimited number of players can 'Bet Behind' the hottest players while they wait for one of the 7 seats to become free. Seated players can also 'Bet Behind' any other seat or seats and all lively encouragement other 'Live Blackjack Party' .

Blackjack Party Multiplayer Blackjack Live Blackjack
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What is 'Live Blackjack'?

As you may expect 'Live Blackjack' is popular 'Online Casino' card game with 'Live Dealers' streamed directly to your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Players take their place at one of 7 seats at each 'Live Blackjack Table'. Professional dealers interact with players and interact throughout the game. The game is designed to provide you with a 'Real Life Gaming Experience'. Real cards are dealt, with bets placed via the interface as players try to achieve a hand that’s closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand.

'Live Blackjack Players' can also use a variety of game views and various game options that include Insurance, Double Down and Split Pair bets.

Then there are the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs Side Bets, Pre-Decision and Bet Behind added-value features which enhance the game experience.

'Live Blackjack' is the perfect 'Casino Game' for new casino players as its simplicity is its greatest attribute. The game is easily understood and can offer great highs and lows and provide you maximum entertainment.

Live Blackjack Side Bets Bet Behind Blackjack Insurance Live Casino Live Dealers
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What is the best online casino to play ‘Live Blackjack’?

There is no definitive answer too the this question as individual player preferences are different. It also worth mentioning that the majority of ‘Online Casinos’ use one or a mixture of leading ‘Live Blackjack Software’ developers and providers. Therefore many ‘Top Online Casinos’ use the same ‘Software’ so therefore you need to look for other qualities and attributes of such ‘Online Casinos’.

Those who play ‘Live Blackjack’ regularly may want a ‘Casino’ with a ‘Casino Loyalty Program’ that rewards players with ‘Loyalty Points’ based on levels of play.

Those who play ‘High Stakes Live Blackjack’ may look for an ‘Online Casino’ that provide a ‘Casino VIP Program’ whereby ‘High Rollers’ are provided exclusive benefits such as , ‘Dedicated Account Manager’, ‘Cashback on Losses’, ‘Deposit & Reload Bonues’, ‘Gifts’ and ‘Event Invitations’ and various other rewards to demonstrate the appreciation of their custom.

Those who like regular ‘Casino Bonuses’ may choose an ‘Online Casino’ that offer regular promotions and offers to its members and increase the ‘Value For Money’ and enhance customer loyalty.

Some players enjoy a ‘Themed Casino’. The appearance of ‘Vegas’ and ‘Macau’ style ‘Online Casinos’ demonstrate this preference and its increased importance. Online gambling is considered entertainment by many and its important for many ‘Live Blackjack Players’ to enjoy the surroundings and atmosphere.

Our unbiased, independent reviews on each of the ‘Online Casinos’ will point you in the right direction but is ultimately down to you the player. You may find that you sign up to a few ‘Online Casinos’ to determine the best place to play ‘Live Blackjack’, that ultimately suits your needs and preferences.

Best Live Blackjack Casino VIP Program Casino Loyalty Program Themed Casino Casino Bonus Cashba
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What are the rules for 'Live Blackjack'?

The game of 'Live Blackjack' is hosted by a 'Live Dealer' and allows up to 7 players.

The game is played with 8 standard 52 playing card decks. Card values are as follows:

Cards from 2 to 10 are worth their face value.

Jacks, Queens and Kings (Face Cards) are each worth 10.

Aces are worth 1 or 11, whichever is more favourable to the players hand. It is important to remember soft hand includes and Ace worth 11.

After the allotted betting time has expired, the dealer deals one card face up to each player. Dealing starts with the first player to the dealer’s left and continues clockwise, ending with the dealer. The 'Live Dealer' then deals a second card face up to each player and face down to themself. The value of your initial hand is displayed next to your cards.

Live Blackjack Rules Live Blackjack Tips
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