Virgin Games

Virgin Games

Don’t worry, its nothing to be embarrassed about, but you are definitely missing out. Online casinos are definitely nothing new and you really are spoilt for choice in a saturated market. So where do you start? Well, you can start pretty much anywhere, blackjack is blackjack regardless however you want to spin it. Its all about beating the dealer and having better cards. However if you want the a better experience and increased entertainment value you really need to be playing ‘Live Online Blackjack’. Essential the game is the same, however you get your cards dealt on the most part by an attractive dealer with a smile on her face, and before anyone negative comments, there are good lucking male dealers at your disposal, please don’t quote me on that though.

So instantly your immersed into real life casino action, yet you can be in the comfort of your own home or on the bus to work or wherever you want to be. With modern technology you can play from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday soon you can play from a digital watch such as the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear. 

So where should you play, well you can choose any of the sites we list on our site, they are all vetted and reviewed and I personally have played at many, you can check out our Twitter page where you can see where I regularly post ‘Hot Dealers’ for entertainment purposes. Being a real player I am able to identify the benefits of playing at certain online casinos.

Lately Ive been playing on ‘Virgin Games’ , a poker room, bingo hall and casino all in one. The design is new and layout is designed to adjust perfectly to whatever device you are using. It is this consideration for the player that instantly demonstrates the importance of its customers, I like that. ‘Live Blackjack’ is often featured on the homepage and is obviously popular. Like may other high end online casinos, Virgin games use ‘Evolution Gaming’ to power its live casino games. You simply can’t deny the fact that along with NetEnt and Playtech, Evolution Gaming provide an exception live product. When an online casino is happy to invest into its software its another big tick for the customer.

When you enter the ‘Live Casino Games’ lobby you are welcomed by an abundance of tables available, whats editing is that you get see the actual ‘Live Dealers’ and tables available. So where do you start, if your new to this start of on the standard tables and get use to the game, its a very easy game to get to grips with and is probably why its such a popular casino card game. Its also one casino game that all the players at the table can win if the dealer busts. A sense of comradery often arises on busy tables. The ‘Live Chat’ facility allows you to banter between dealer and other players further enhancing the entertainment value.

You will notice at the lobby, dedicated tables for the casino brand your playing from. Evolution gaming provide live casino games to many casinos so often tables on display can often been displayed on the live casinos, so in effect you could be playing from Virgin Games and sat next to a player using 888 casino. Its actually a clever way of ensuring active tables and ensure entertainment remains a significant focus and enhances the experience. 

At Virgin Games, they also commission dedicated tables, you can clearly see this with the ‘Virgin Games’ brand logo on the actual blackjack table along with the themed brand colours. I would say these actually are more appealing as I feel your more aligned with the brand and it actually feels more premium.

Depending on the level of action you require you will be presented with dozens of tables, whether you want to play £2 per hand upto £10,000 you can choose the right table for you. I often look at the VIP tables and enjoy watch hands worth several thousands of pounds. The thrill of winning that much on one hand is mind-blowing yet the thought of losing that much soul destroying…. whatever you bet I do say online bet what you can afford to lose. You can check out our links at the bottom of the site for gambling awareness etc. 

So your playing lots of live blackjack at Virgin Games, you deserve to get rewarded for your loyalty right? well you will be with a fantastic loyalty program called ‘V Points’ which are constantly being accrued during play and can be exchanged for real play cash. If you play enough you may also be invited to the Virgin VIP that offers a wealth of benefits including bonuses, experiences, service benefits and much much more. 

If your looking for a great game of live blackjack then Virgin Games is a great place to start, there is currently a deposit £10, get £30  signup bonus available so you can get straight to the table with a little extra. Take a look at our FAQ on our site and learn about ‘side bets’, ‘insurance bets’ and ‘bet behind’ and you can further enhance your gaming experience.