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What is 'Bet Behind' on the 'Live Blackjack Table'?

'Bet Behind' allows a virtually limitless number of Live Blackjack Players to 'Bet Behind' the main 7 players seated at each 'Live Blackjack Table. This adds massive multi-player opportunity and allows 'Live Blackjack Players' to enjoy the game without even taking a seat at a 'Live Blackjack Table'.

'Live Blackjack Players' can 'Bet Behind' while they wait for one of the 7 main seats. Alternatively, a 'Live Blackjack Player' in one of the main seats can choose to 'Bet Behind' any other seat. Or a 'Player' may just want to 'Bet Behind' a player instead of playing any cards at all. 'Bet Behind provides 'Live Blackjack Players' a great deal of flexibility and offers a new dynamic to the game.

Hot 'Blackjack Players' who are winning a high percentage of hands are often highlighted with a gold medal or similar symbols to identify this attribute, normally next to their username/screenname.

The 'Icons' change depending on who 'Online Casino' you use to play 'Live Blackjack' so it is important to become familiar with such icons and what they represent as they can enhance your 'Bet Behind' profits and experience.

All seated and waiting players can see these scores and decide which 'Hot Live Blackjack Players' to 'Bet Behind' to try to increase their own chances of winning.

Whatsmore, low stakes for the 'Bet Behind' option can offer new players a way to sample the thrill and excitement of 'Live Blackjack' and enhance their understanding of the game of Blackjack.

'Bet Behind' is also unlimited, so a waiting player can bet behind all 7 players in the main seats if they wish, and a main player can bet behind all other seated players. This level of flexibility truly brings maximum excitement to the game of 'Live Blackjack'.

Those players waiting who choose to 'Bet Behind', the option to place a main bet (‘Sit Here’) will still be available when one of the main 7 seats becomes free. The 'Bet Behind' facility has become very popular for new 'Live Blackjack Players' and those who want to attach themselves to the luck of others.

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