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What are the rules for 'Live Blackjack'?

The game of 'Live Blackjack' is hosted by a 'Live Dealer' and allows up to 7 players.

The game is played with 8 standard 52 playing card decks. Card values are as follows:

Cards from 2 to 10 are worth their face value.

Jacks, Queens and Kings (Face Cards) are each worth 10.

Aces are worth 1 or 11, whichever is more favourable to the players hand. It is important to remember soft hand includes and Ace worth 11.

After the allotted betting time has expired, the dealer deals one card face up to each player. Dealing starts with the first player to the dealer’s left and continues clockwise, ending with the dealer. The 'Live Dealer' then deals a second card face up to each player and face down to themself. The value of your initial hand is displayed next to your cards.

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